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Josh Smith Injury Update: Patellar Tendonitis Reportedly Makes Smith Doubtful For Game 3

The Atlanta Hawks reportedly received a dose of bad news Wednesday when they learned that Josh Smith has been diagnosed with patellar tendonitis and is doubtful to play in Friday's important Game 3 against the Boston Celtics.

Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that an MRI Wednesday found no structural damage done to Smith's knee, but patellar tendonitis will likely keep him out of Friday's game. He is probable to return to the lineup in time for Game 4.

Even if Smith does return quickly, one would have to think his impact will be negatively impacted by the injury. Patellar tendinitis is also known as "jumper's knee." Considering that Smith succeeds largely because of his athleticism, any loss of explosiveness would likely hurt him doubly.

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