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VIDEO: Celtics' Paul Pierce Dunks Twice On Sixers In First Quarter

After beginning Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Philadelphia Sixers 0-6 on Wednesday, Paul Pierce got on the scoreboard...with authority on two big dunks.

On the first slam, Pierce gets by Andre Iguodala who overpursued at the three-point line and then up over Lavoy Allen at the rim.

Pierce was energized by the first dunk and went for another. The second dunk had a little more nastiness to it after a strong move to the baseline.


Pierce finished the first quarter with nine points. The Celtics were still trailing because of a Lou Williams three-pointer at the buzzer which pushed the Sixers' lead out to 33-28. While Pierce isn't 100%, he sure could have fooled us with his two first quarter dunks.

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