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NBA Playoffs 2012, Celtics Vs. 76ers: Boston Bad Offense, Philadelphia Good Defense

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If there's one thing the Philadelphia 76ers do in a seven-game series, its make their opponent play some ugly offense. That's exactly what the Sixers did Monday in Game 2 of their 82-81 victory over the Boston Celtics. The offensive woes was obvious to the SB Nation blog the CelticsBlog, which wrote about it Tuesday morning.

My eyes, they burn, oh they burn. Look, I'm as fond of the Celtics grimmy, gritty, fight for every inch on defense style of play as the next guy. That's exactly what you want on defense. But man is it hard to watch when they play offense as if they were guarding themselves.

However, writer Jeff Clark did give credit to the Sixers:

By all means, credit the Sixers and the Hawks before them for playing excellent playoff defense. Hat tips and head nods all around. However, they wouldn't be nearly as effective if the Celtics were a little less ineffective. We know that they can play good offense, but they can't seem to do it consistently. The only hope is that their defense is more stingy than their offense is and that they can ride the occasional hot streak to victory.

For more commentary and discussion on the Celtics and their series with the 76ers, make sure to visit the CelticsBlog. For the latest news and updates, check back to this SB Nation Boston StoryStream.