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NBA Playoffs 2012, Celtics Vs. Hawks: Ivan Johnson Flips Off Celtics Fan

The Boston Celtics eliminated the Atlanta Hawks from the 2012 NBA Playoffs on Thursday night. As you can imagine, the Hawks weren't exactly in the best of moods following the game, and 28-year-old rookie, Ivan Johnson took his frustrations out on a fan, by 'giving him the bird'.

Johnson has, somewhat famously, done this before. He was banned for life from the Korean Basketball League he called home from 2008-2010, for flipping off a referee. And though Ivan is unlikely to receive anything more than a fine for this particular infraction, we would wish to impress upon him that it probably is time to retire the move. Not so much because that fan (or, potentially, that referee) didn't deserve the gesture, but because nobody likes to be pigeonholed as having just one go-to move in response to your detractors, no bird pun intended.

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