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Avery Bradley Injury Update: Celtics Announce Sore Rotator Cuff

The Boston Celtics announced Thursday that Avery Bradley has a sore left rotator cuff, but the 21-year old shooting guard is still expected to play in Thursday night's Game 6 against the Atlanta Hawks.

Bradley has dealt with shoulder issues all season -- Doc Rivers said his shoulder has popped out of its socket "three or four times" this year -- but his latest soreness stems from a Game 3 collision that took him out of the game. Normally, the team training staff can pop Bradley's shoulder back into the socket, but this time it did not immediately go back in.

Bradley has not missed either of the two games since the injury, which doesn't seem likely to keep him from suiting up in any game during the rest of the playoffs.

"It feels good," Bradley said. "It's just a little sore, but I've been fighting through the pain all year so I'll be ready for the game. I'm going to get hit and there's a chance it could pop out, but I try not to think about it. I just go out there and just play."

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