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ANIMATED: Jeff Teague Blocks Paul Pierce Into Oblivion

The Boston Celtics and the Atlanta Hawks are locked in a tight Game 2 battle at Philips Arena in Atlanta on Tuesday night. Both teams are playing impeccably tight defense. Boston is outshooting Atlanta on the night, making 46.7 percent of their shots to 38.9 percent for the home team. The Hawks have thrived from the perimeter, however, making 4-of-10 of their 3-point attempts and holding to Celtics to just 0-for-5 from long range.

Treys are hard to make in their own right, but they are much more difficult when Jeff Teague is on the court. Late in the first quarter, Paul Pierce tried to give his team a spark from long range and Teague came out of nowhere to send the ball into the stands. Gif after the jump.


Beating your chest is always kind of stupid, Teague was well within his rights after that rejection.

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