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Hawks Vs. Celtics Game 2 (Video): Atlanta's Josh Smith Misses Dunk, Avery Bradley Block

Game 2 between the Boston Celtics and Atlanta Hawks is currently a tight one, however, the early-game tension was released a bit when Hawks' foward Josh Smith missed an easy reverse dunk midway through the first quarter.

If you need more comic relief, here's the look at it from the basket-cam.



As you can see from the replay, Smith's dunk would have trimmed a 9-6 Celtics lead to 9-8. However, it seems that style was a bit more important to Smith, who had just two points at the time, than actually finishing the play. Its safe to say that the "old-school" NBA fans probably were not too pleased with Smith's antics.

Meanwhile, the Celtics Avery Bradley decided to show Smith about good basketball fundamentals.



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