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Mark Blount's Ex: Throw Him In Jail

Mark Blount, a former center for the Boston Celtics, is making headlines -- and as is the case with many athletes, for all the wrong reasons. Blount's ex, a woman named Sifika Mayfield, is trying to have Blount placed behind bars after he only payed a portion of his child support payment in January.

The ex -- a woman named Sifika Mayfield -- filed a motion for contempt and enforcement, claiming Blount dropped the ball on a recent child support payment for their two sons, Mark and Mark (no joke).

According to Mayfield, Mark is supposed to pay $5,119 a month -- but in January, he only paid $2,500. Now, Mayfield wants a judge to throw Blount in jail and revoke his driver's license. (via

Blount claims that the reason he only paid a portion of the payment is because one of his sons is now living with him and he is paying for his schooling. No ruling has been made by a judge, according to TMZ.

Blount played parts of six seasons with the Celtics from 2000 through 2006, with a brief pit stop with the Denver Nuggets. Blount's best season in Boston came in 2003-04, when he averaged 10.3 points and 7.2 rebounds in 82 games.

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