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Ray Allen Injury Update: After Cortisone Shot, SG Prepared To Return Against San Antonio Spurs

Boston Celtics shooting guard Ray Allen needed a cortisone shot this weekend to help his bothersome left ankle, but participated fully in practice on Tuesday and is expected to return to the lineup -- and start -- when the Celtics meet the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday night.

"I never liked taking shots or taking medicine. I tried to do everything as natually as I can. Sometimes your body needs a kick in the right direction. Physically, the time off was good. My ankle was kind of pissed off. I kind of gave it a little help and time off was good but getting that joint lubricated [was] more than it was otherwise."

"I felt good to be out on the floor," Allen said. "My legs felt great today. I had a shot in the ankle on game day the other day and had all day [Monday] for it to manuver through my body and coming into today, I felt like I had two new wheels." (via Green Street)

Avery Bradley had made a push to seize Boston's starting shooting guard spot during Allen's absence. The Celtics went 5-0 with Bradley as the starting two-guard as the 21-year old played his customary fierce defense and complemented Boston's other starters with an array of backdoor cuts.

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