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Rajon Rondo Ejection: Celtics Guard Says 'Momentum' Caused Bump With Ref

Rajon Rondo's ejection from Game 1 of the Boston Celtics' Eastern Conference series against the Atlanta Hawks has many expecting the point guard to earn a Game 2 suspension. The rules are pretty clear in this case, as CBS Sports points out:

Rondo, however, denies he committed a violation, at least the "intentional" part of the rule. After the game, he said that it was his momentum that carried him into the referee as he argued a no call on a loose ball scrum.

Looking at the tape, one could make the argument that Rondo tripped on the back heel of the referee as both men walked away from the pile-up. Whether the point guard could have stopped himself before the chest bump will be hotly debated, suspension or no suspension. For what it is worth, head coach Doc Rivers doesn't believe Rondo should be suspended either, though obviously he has own motives.

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