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VIDEO: Rajon Rondo Ejected From Game 1 Vs. Hawks

Sunday's Game 1 against the Atlanta Hawks turned disastrous for the Boston Celtics late. The Celtics had chipped away the Hawks' lead, and got within four points with 41 seconds to play before Rajon Rondo let his emotions get the better of him. Rondo took offense to a no call following a loose ball play, and earned a technical foul and ejection after arguing and chest bumping the referee. You can check the video and gif below the jump:

Suffice it to say, Rondo's ejection didn't help the Celtics any. Boston didn't score a point the rest of the way, as they went on to an 83-74 loss. What's worse is that Rondo may have earned himself a Game 2 suspension with the stunt. Stay tuned.


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