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ANIMATED: Brandon Bass, Paul Pierce, Mickael Pietrus Whiff Rebound

It has been one of those nights for the Boston Celtics. With the fourth quarter winding down, they are very much in danger of dropping Game 1 of their opening series of the 2012 NBA Playoffs to the Atlanta Hawks. Not only have the Celtics been unable to hit their shots--they are shooting under 38 percent for the game--they haven't been able to get the ball to bounce their way. If the fates are truly against Boston on Sunday night, then the gif below should be Exhibit A:


Paul Pierce, Brandon Bass and Mickael Pietrus all went up for the same ball, and somehow it wound up in the hands of Tracy McGrady who promptly slammed through the easy dunk. Pierce's "whatever man" reaction afterwards would be hilarious if the game were going any better for the Celtics.

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