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Ray Allen Injury Update: Doc Rivers Thinks Allen Will Be Ready For NBA Playoffs

The Boston Celtics still have not given a definitive time-table for Ray Allen's return, but Doc Rivers said he expects his best long-distance shooter to return in time for the playoffs.

During a press conference following Boston's 78-66 win against the Miami Heat, Rivers was asked whether Allen's uncertain status moving forward made it any more critical that the team's backup wings performed well against Miami.

"It helps, it doesn't really matter that they were successful today. They have to be ready by Saturday or Sunday, clearly," the Celtics coach said. "I think Ray will be ready. I don't know that. I do think he'll be ready. But if he's not, someone else has to be."

Rivers said Allen, out since April 10 with bone spurs in his ankle, will miss the team's regular season finale against the Milwaukee Bucks.

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