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Celtics' Greg Stiemsma Wants Back In

Good news and bad news. The good news? Greg Stiemsma, the rookie center and former NBA D-League Defensive Player of the Year who has given the Boston Celtics' very effective minutes this season, wants to come back next year. The bad news? I lied, there isn't any bad news. It's all good.

Stiemsma told Jessica Camerato of Comcast SportsNet New England that he wants to be back in Boston, but he isn't worried about next season.

"Oh yeah, absolutely," Stiemsma told "Next year's going to kind of take care of itself, I'm hoping, so I'm not getting too worried about it yet. But at the same time, with everything that I've learned from these guys and this organization, I'd love to come back."

 (via CSNNE)

Do the Celtics want him back? We can't be inside the head of Danny Ainge, but after what Stiemsma has done this year, one would have to think they would. Jeff Clark of CelticsBlog does, too.

Greg Stiemsma is a D-League success story, plain and simple. He went from winning the D-League defensive player of the year award, to getting a camp invite from the Celtics, to making the team, to winning playing time (in part due to injuries), to being a difference maker for the team. We'll need him to keep making strides and contributing in the playoffs. And hopefully we'll be able to see him around even longer than that. (via CelticsBlog)

Keep on Stiemrollin'!

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