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Ray Allen Trade Rumors: Danny Ainge Says Allen Never Told Of Trade To Memphis

Boston Celtics president Danny Ainge sought to correct what he characterized as misinformation contained in a Yahoo! Sports report. The article said guard Ray Allen was informed by head coach Doc Rivers that Allen had been traded to the Memphis Grizzlies (for O.J. Mayo and a draft pick) before the deal came undone just 20 minutes later (via WEEI).

Ainge said on The Big Show on Thursday

"Lets put it this way," Ainge said, "the one thing I will say is Ray knew he might be traded, but never did I confirm that he had been traded."

"I don't think it ever got to a point where Doc was going to talk to him," Ainge said. "Doc did not talk to him. That's what he told us all today."

Ainge also said that Allen had been treated "with amazing respect" during the process. He also said that the perception that Allen is being treated differently since Avery Bradley has been promoted to the starting lineup is false.

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