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Ray Allen Injury Update: Allen Out At Least Two Games, Doc Rivers Says Injury Isn't Serious

Ray Allen did not travel with the Boston Celtics for their game against the Toronto Raptors and is expected to miss at least the following game against the New Jersey Nets, Doc Rivers said on Friday.

It's possible that Allen returns on Monday against the Charlotte Bobcats, but flying down to Charlotte might make less sense than waiting until Wednesday and meeting the team in New York.

The good news for Celtics fans is that Allen's injury, though nagging, is not thought to be severe.

"It's not that serious, it's swelling," Rivers said of Allen's ankle injury. "I'm concerned when anybody's injured. It's not a serious injury, that's what the doctors keep saying, so that makes me feel better about it."

Avery Bradley will continue to start with or without Allen healthy. Mickael Pietrus and Sasha Pavlovic stand to play more minutes due to Allen's absence.

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