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Rajon Rondo Never Wants To Play For Team USA In The Olympics

Rajon Rondo was not chosen as one of the 20 finalists for the Team USA which will compete in the 2012 London Olympics, so this year's Olympics was never an option.

But even if playing in the Olympics does become an option for Rondo in the future, he doesn't want to wear the red, white and blue.


"No, I don't," he told Fox Sports Florida regarding the situation. "I just don't... Wondering why? I love my summers. I'll leave it at that."

Rondo left the 2010 FIBA championships amid curious circumstances -- the team said he withdrew for personal reasons, but his departure came after he received a DNP-CD during an exhibition game against Spain. Rondo told Fox Sports Florida he left of his own accord because he was "homesick."

The point guard currently leads the NBA in assists with 11.3 per game and has registered at least 10 assists in every game since March 11.

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