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Celtics Vs. Heat: Paul Pierce Knows What's At Stake For Rest Of Season

The Boston Celtics have strung together wins in seven of their past nine games and enter the season's final stretch in a position that isn't exactly familiar, thriving toward the finish line.

Before meeting the Miami Heat on Tuesday night, Paul Pierce discussed the Celtics' mindset this season and how their second-half surge this year is different than the past couple years.

"We have a sense of urgency right now," Pierce said. "We understand what's at stake. The fourth seed, possibly the third seed, a division title, playing well going into the playoffs -- there are a number of factors when you come to this point of the year and you have 10, 11 games left."

"We've usually been consistent in the first [half of the season], then in the second half we've been inconsistent. So we've kind of reversed that role, I guess, this season," he added. "What better time than this time of the year, when everybody's getting confidence? We're beating some good teams, so we know we can play with anybody in the Eastern Conference."

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