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Mickael Pietrus Guarantees A Celtics Championship

A lot of press goes to guys like LeBron James, who promised Miami Heat fans "not six, not seven, not eight.." NBA Championships or even Jets head coach Rex Ryan who continually promises Jets fans a Super Bowl every year, only to come up short each year. On Friday, a Boston sports figure promised the media that his team would take home a championship at the end of the season.

Following the Boston Celtics' 107-94 win over the New Jersey Nets on Friday, Celtics reserve guard/forward Mickael Pietrus guaranteed the Boston media including WEEI that his team would be raising banner number 18 when this year is all said an done.

"I know that you guys say we're older and all that stuff," said Pietrus, pointing his finger at each camera surrounding his locker. "We're going to win the championship, Ok?"

The Celtics, who enter Monday as the seventh seed in the East, have been centered around the term "Ubuntu" since the arrival of Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett back in 2007. Team chemistry has been a huge part to the team's success since then, and Pietrus sees it in this year's team.

"I think the chemistry has been building since we played in OKC, even though we lost," said Pietrus, who had 11 points (4-9 FG), five rebounds and two assists starting in place of Ray Allen (flu). "We fought a lot. I think the chemistry has started coming back, and we don't want to let that go. Hopefully we're going to keep it for the postseason and the playoffs - and win a championship." (WEEI)

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