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Austin Rivers Candid About Decision To Leave Duke

Austin Rivers, the son of Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers, says that Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski helped him make his decision to depart for the NBA Draft after only one year of college.

In a candid interview with Durham, SC's The Herald-Sun that was published Saturday, Rivers spoke about his thought process about leaving Duke after his freshman year and what he did gain from his single season of college basketball. He claims that rumors about Duke not being a good fit for him are unfounded, and says he may even return during the summers to finish his degree.

Rivers also talks about the influence that his legendary coach Krzyzewski had over his decision to head to the draft. Said Rivers:

"The first thing he said was, ‘I want you to do what’s best for you and I want you to do what you think is right.’ After putting the pros and cons together, I wanted to take my chances in the NBA. He thinks I can do it, too. It was the right decision that we made together."

Some basketball pundits believe that Rivers may be drafted by his father for the Boston Celtics when the NBA Draft occurs on June 28th.