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Celtics Vs. Timberwolves: What's motivating Kevin Garnett?

Kevin Garnett returns to Minnesota, which could be a little extra motivation since he admittedly holds no love for the franchise that drafted him. But Garnett, who probably wears a scowl, spews strings of obscenities and smashes his head against the basket stanchion during pickup games in June, doesn't need much in the way of extra motivation.

"I'm motivated. I hear y'all calling me old. I hear y'all calling me ... older, weathered," Garnett said. "I'm motivated, it don't take much to motivate me, man. I'm older in basketball years, but in life, I'm 30-something. I think some of y'all [reporters] -- I'm looking at your gray hair, no hair, hat hair, beautiful hair, wet hair, ummm, no comment. I'm just motivated. I like to use that word.

"The first half of the season wasn't the most pleasurable for us. I felt I could be better. And I've been working towards that. I've been giving myself a true analysis in the mirror, looking at myself and telling myself what can I do better. And I've been going towards that. I know some things I can get better at, and I've been trying to do that. It doesn't take much to motivate me, man. I don't watch too many of you guys' interviews. It's garbage. But the ones I do catch, it's just an opinion. It's what it is. It puts a spark under me and I like that. Playing against younger talent that's supposed to be prolific and supposed to be above average -- but I'm old, though, you know? Again, for the third time, it doesn't take much to motivate me. That's what it is. That's what you see."

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