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Celtics Playoff Run: Sean Grande Discusses Whether Celtics Could Make Deep Charge

Could the Boston Celtics make a similar playoff run to the improbable one they pieced together in 2010?

Radio announcer Sean Grande isn't sure, but he sees room for comparison between the two Celtics squads.

"Two years ago we were talking at this time of year and the Celtics looked atrocious. It looked like the three-year run was over and they had no chance in the playoffs," Grande said.

"The 2012 Celtics, if you start from Christmas Day, which is when this season began, and you compare it step by step -- win and loss, scoring differential, all the categories -- this team has been better than the 2010 team was at this time of year when it seemed like they had no chance. Then they got healthy in the playoffs and everybody knows what happened -- they got all the way to Game 7 [against the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals].

"But I don't know if that can happen because Chicago and Miami are so much better than the Cleveland and Orlando teams the Celtics faced two years ago. But there's certainly room for comparison."

For more from Grande, click here or watch the video below:

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