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Rajon Rondo Goes With The Headband In Celtics Win Over The Nets

BOSTON - Rajon Rondo has revolutionized the position of point guard in his career with the Boston Celtics. Well, maybe not revolutionized, but he's done a spectacular job playing the position during his career with the Celtics. Rondo has done many things we haven't seen in a long time, and on Friday night, he brought back something we haven't seen in a while. Rondo finally brought back his trademark headband.

"I just felt like a change," said Rondo, who scored 14 and had 13 assists in the Celtics' 107-94 win over the New Jersey Nets on Friday at TD Garden. "You may not see it ever again. It's just what I feel like."

Rondo backtracked on that, though, and considered the success he's had wearing it.

"I'm 1-0 with the headband this year, so I might try to keep it alive" Rondo joked. "I think it's my statement, my signature statement when I won a championship, but who knows. People ask me all the time why I don't wear it anymore. I tried to get a petition but it didn't go through."

Will Rondo wear the headband in effort to stop Linsanity when Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks come to town on Sunday. Perhaps more importantly, will Rondo be wearing the headband in Boston come March 15?

Let's hope that he will be, but for now, the headband is back and it's undefeated.

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