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Celtics Vs. Nuggets: JaVale McGee Out For Nuggets

Recently-acquired center JaVale McGee is unavailable for the Denver Nuggets tonight, as Nene - who McGee was acquired from Washington for - has yet to complete his physical with his new team.

The two were part of a three-team trade that also featured Nick Young being shipped from Washington to the Los Angeles Clippers.

McGee, who is in his fourth year in the NBA, is averaging 11.8 points, 8.8 rebounds, and 2.5 blocks per game this season. He struggled in Washington with maturity issues, but the trade that sent him to Denver was one that few anticipated. In shipping off Nene, the Nuggets were able to free up the necessary cap space to offer Winston Chandler - a restricted free agent who played in China during the lockout - a long term contract.

The Celtics will once again start Kevin Garnett at center, while Timofey Mozgov will get the nod for Denver.

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