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Rajon Rondo For Pau Gasol Trade Rumor Won't Die; Lakers, Celtics Reportedly Discussed Deal Last Week

The Rajon Rondo for Pau Gasol trade rumor just won't die, with the Los Angeles Times being the latest media outlet to report that both sides have discussed an exchange.

Mike Bresnahan reported Monday that the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics discussed the swap as recently as last week, but did not come close to completing a deal because the Lakers are unwilling to move Gasol for Rondo.

The Celtics should also be wary of such a trade. Rondo is a 26-year old, three-time All-Star enjoying arguably the finest season of his career, and he'll make an average of $11 million per season through 2015. Gasol is a 31-year old suffering his worst season since joining the Lakers in 2008, and he'll make $19 million per season through 2014.

One of the NBA's rule of thumbs is to trade for size when you can, but the Celtics are likely to enter a rebuilding stage after this season and getting older does not make much sense.

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