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Rajon Rondo Trade Rumors: Doc Rivers Says 'We Did Not Talk Once About Any Trades' Of Celtics Point Guard

Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers said he spent more than an hour talking with Celtics president Danny Ainge before Wednesday's game against the Bucks. In that time, trading point guard Rajon Rondo did not come up, according to Rivers.

"... In all that time we did not talk once about any trades," Rivers said. "There was not one single thing about Rajon Rondo that crossed my desk." (via ESPN Boston).

Indeed, Rivers says he is not pleased about the rumors that the team is trying to trade Rondo because of the stormy relationship between player and coach.

"My relationship with Rajon is as strong as it has ever been," he said. "Our communication has never been better. I want him here. I can say with almost 100 percent certainty he will be here with us when the season ends. I'm tired of this stuff. It's not fair."

The NBA trade deadline is March 15. As of Thursday, March 1, both Ainge and Rivers have shot down any trade talks concerning Rondo.

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