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Rajon Rondo Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics Reportedly 'Aren't Trying To Dump' Point Guard

One day after reported that the Boston Celtics are "aggressively shopping" Rajon Rondo and have decided not to build around the star point guard in the future, the Boston Globe reports that Danny Ainge is not intent on dumping Rondo.

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An NBA source told the Globe that Rondo's name has indeed been mentioned in trade discussions, but the Celtics are not aggressively trying to get rid of him.'s Chris Broussard reported Wednesday that the Celtics organization has soured on Rondo's attitude and plans to deal him rather than build around him. Broussard mentioned Stephen Curry as a target of the Celtics -- according to the reporter, the Celtics tried to acquire the Golden St. guard in December and continue discussions with the Warriors brass.

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