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VIDEO: Ray Allen Puts Celtics Up Late In Regulation, But Pau Gasol Ruins Everything

The Boston Celtics took an 82-80 lead late with just over a minute left to go in Thursday night's game against the Los Angeles Lakers. The C's held on to the lead until the final seconds of regulation, when Pau Gasol tipped in a rebound off a missed Kobe Bryant fadeaway to send the game to overtime.

In OT, Gasol blocked a Ray Allen tip attempt off a Paul Pierce miss to seal the game for the Lakers. You can check out the full carnage below the jump.

Ray Allen's 3-pointer:

Gasol's tip-in over Jermaine O'Neal:

Gasol blocks Ray Allen:

For the game, Gasol finished with 25 points, 14 rebounds and three assists. Andrew Bynum added 17 rebounds, helping the Lakers to a 55-45 advantage on the boards.

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