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ANIMATED: Kevin Garnett Forgets What Sport He Is Playing, Long Snaps To Rajon Rondo

It has been four days since the Patriots fell to the Giants in the 2012 Super Bowl. Football is over in all forms until August, an eight month lay off that is apparently eight months too long for the Boston Celtics. Immediately after the opening tip-off against the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, Kevin Garnett took the ball off the tip-off and long-snapped to Rajon Rondo waiting deep in their own.

Check out the textbook hike after the jump.


The most impressive thing about this is Garnett's impeccable technique, though the Lakers block was admittedly pretty weak. Rondo's self-hike was well-executed as well, and may be the catalyst for a new hybrid center/quarterback position in the NFL. View No. 2 is arguably even better.


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