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NBA All-Star Game 2012: Steve Nash Dishes, Andre Iguodala Slams, Russel Westbrook Does Something

The 2012 NBA All-Star Game has so far featured obscene levels of offense, even relative to low levels of defense played on a yearly basis. The Western Conference has so far put on the slightly better show, leading 88-69 at halftime. Both sides have had their share of highlights, however.

Starting in the Eastern Conference, where Andre Iguodala provided one of several monster jams on the night.


A little bit later, Steve Nash showed off some of his patented finesse in bounce pass to a teammate for the layup.


Finally, there's Russell Westbrook, who has 17 points so far in the game. Late in the half he found himself off the backboard for a difficult, twisting layup...


... and then celebrated by ... uh ... dancing?


I don't know man. The All-Star game is pretty weird.

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