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NBA All-Star Game 2012: Nicki Minaj Performance And East Introductions

So the Eastern Conference introductions at the 2012 All-Star Game were, uh, interesting. Nicki Minaj came out and performed a song with a backdrop of various Windows screensavers, capped by the anticlimax of Tom Thibodeau looking scornfully straight ahead as he is introduced to the crowd. Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo seemed only slightly more enthused to be there, though none of them come close to approaching the goofiness levels of Chris Bosh.

Then the starters came out of a Star Trek-esque hatch in the floor and, well, here you go:

(Via nbaus3030).

Even if you hate the All-Star game, just know that you never can, nor ever will approach Derrick Rose levels of disdain. If you love the All-Star game, well then you got your money's worth in the introduction, and then some.

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