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2012 NBA All-Star Skills Challenge: Rajon Rondo Finishes Second

Rajon Rondo represented the Boston Celtics well in the 2012 Tace Bell Skills Challenge at NBA All-Star Saturday Night in the Amway Center, making it to the final round before being eliminated by Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs, who finished the course in 32.8 seconds in the finals to claim the title.

Rondo opened the competition with a solid run, finishing the course in 32.8 seconds. He made the opening layup (really, when does anyone miss?) and the first chest pass, but missed on his first bounce pass before making the second. The jump shot, thought to be the toughest part for Rondo, only took two tries for him to knock down. Rondo made his first pass attempt on the second passing stage and finished with a layup on the other end.

Kyrie Irving was next, and it looked like he had no interest in being there. Irving, who was named the MVP of the Rising Stars game on Friday with 34 points on 8-of-8 shooting from three-point range, finished last in the round with 42.2 seconds. Deron Williams set the tone, finishing his first run in 28.3 seconds. Russell Westbrook finished in 33.8 seconds, Parker finished in 29.2 seconds and John Wall tied Rondo with 32.8 seconds.

Rondo and Wall faced off in a one-round playoff, in which Rondo posted his best time of the night at 27.5 seconds. Rondo was perfect in the round, making all of his passes and knocking down the jumper on his first try. Wall, meanwhile, struggled on the jump shots, going 1-for-4 and finishing in 45.4 seconds, sending Rondo to the finals.

It appeared as if fatigue may have caught up with Rondo, who led off the final round. Rondo made the opening layup and chest pass, but he missed his first three bounce passes. Despite making his first jumper, Rondo finished with his worst time at 34.6 seconds.

Parker eliminated Rondo in his final run, and Williams struggled to finish in 41.1 seconds.

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