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VIDEO: Avery Bradley Dunks On Kevin Durant (No, Seriously)

Kevin Durant, meet Avery Bradley. While things aren't going the way of the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder (that's not surprising, is it), the C's do have a highlight reel dunk in their favor. Believe it or not, it was provided by Bradley ... over Durant. You just can't make this stuff up. Here it is.

Nice, huh? Don't expect that a lot, though. Bradley has been playing a lot better than he did last year, and he didn't play that much last season. Bradley's offense has improved, but defense is still his calling card. Still, it's nice to see that kind of hops from a reserve that will probably be wearing green for a while as the Celtics continue to rebuild. Bradley has eight points and three assists in 18 minutes, and the Celtics trail the Thunder, 72-49, at halftime.

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