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Gilbert Arenas: A Fit With The Celtics?

The panic button has been pressed. Repeatedly. By now, the Boston Celtics need answers, and fast. Whatever they can get, they should look at. That being the case, should Danny Ainge look into free agent guard Gilbert Arenas?

Arenas, once a superstar and widely considered one of the top guards in the league, remains unsigned as the trade deadline approaches. Most rumors surrounding Arenas have been based on the west coast, particularly one of the Los Angeles teams. Every team has had a shot at signing him so far, and it's a little concerning that he hasn't been picked up.

But don't let that turn you off entirely. If you can get Arenas at a level anywhere close to his former self, it's a steal. Arenas has averaged 21.2 points, 5.4 assists and 1.6 steals in 535 career games between the Warriors, Wizards and most recently the Magic. Last season, Arenas averaged just 8.0 points and 3.2 assists in 49 games.

Now, of couse, Arenas has his baggage. He brought a gun into his former locker room in Washington, and he's generally considered to be a bit of a head case. Think Chad Ochocinco, but worse. It's certainly something that's concerning, but given the state of the Celtics' locker room and the fact that Arenas has been backed into a corner, that may be less of an issue.

It would be a shot in the dark, but if you can convince Arenas t join for the veteran minimum for one year, it might be worth it. At this point, anything that can be done to improve this team should be done. It's panic time.

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