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Celtics Vs. Pistons, Third Quarter Score: Detroit Pushes Lead To 75-61 Over Boston

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The Boston Celtics could not chip away at the Detroit Pistons halftime lead after a quarter. Detroit shot just 3-for-13 for the quarter, but the Celtics sent them to the line early and often. For the game, the Pistons own a 40-14 advantage in free throw attempts.

Boston has struggled mightily to keep Rodney Stuckey off the charity stripe. Coming off a 36-point performance against the Sacramento Kings, the fifth-year guard has 14 points on the night, 10 of which have come from the line. Greg Monroe leads the Pistons with 15 points. He would have more, but he is just 1-for-7 on his free throw attempts.

The Pistons continue to win the turnover battle as well. Rajon Rondo has bee forced into six on his own, and the team has committed 20 total compared to just 12 for Detroit. Paul Pierce now leads the Celtics with 16 points on 5-for-10 shooting.

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