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Celtics Vs. Pistons, Halftime Score: Boston Trails 55-42

The Boston Celtics trail the Detroit Pistons, 55-42, at halftime from the Palace of Auburn Hills on Sunday.

After a close first quarter which ended tied at 26, the Pistons started to pull away in the second quarter. Boston's poor shooting at the end of the first quarter carried over into the second frame. However, a hot start in the first quarter (9-12) has Boston shooting 50% at the break (16-32). The Pistons have been held to just 39.5% shooting during the contest but hold the double-digit lead because they are completely dominating the turnover battle and free throw attempts. Boston's 13 turnovers have killed their chances so far, though the majority of them came in the second quarter. Through two quarters, Detroit holds a 29-10 lead in free throw attempts and have a 9-point lead at the free throw line.

Chris Wilcox is leading Boston with 12 points at the half. Paul Pierce chipped in 10 points (7 in the first quarter). Rodney Stuckey and Tayshaun Prince are leading Detroit with 13 and 10 points at the half, respectively.

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