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Danny Ainge Says Celtics Had Waiver Claim On Jeremy Lin

Boston Celtics president Danny Ainge said on The Big Show earlier today that the team had a claim on Jeremy Lin when he was released by the Warriors in December (via Boston lost out to the Houston Rockets that time around.

However, once the Rockets released Lin, Boston didn't try to pick up him because their roster was full.

Ainge said about Lin

"We liked Jeremy Lin some but nobody could have predicted that he would be this good," Ainge said. "I always say it's an opportunity league. Not only did he get an opportunity to play, finally, but an opportunity to play in a system that does what he does best. I'm really happy for the kind. He really is a great kid. It really is a fun story."

Lin has helped the Knicks to win seven games in a row and scored 24.4 points per game and dished out 9.1 assists per game during that stretch.

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