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Celtics Vs. Pistons: Ben Gordon Turns Back Clock To '09 Playoffs

BOSTON - Ben Gordon was once considered a top-tier guard during his days with the Chicago Bulls, but ever since he jumped ship and joined the Detroit Pistons, things haven't been going his way.

Gordon entered Wednesday's tilt against the Boston Celtics averaging 13.7 points while shooting just 43 percent (and to make matters worse, he has been relegated to bench duty). That didn't stop the former Bull from turning back the clock.

In a performance somewhat similar to his 42-point thrashing of the Celtics in Game 2 of the first round series between the Celtics and Bulls back in 2009, Gordon caught fire down the stretch and nailed three after three to bury the heartless C's.

"Have some good history here," said Gordon, who finished with 22 points on 4-of-6 shooting from downtown. "We didn't win the series, but it was the most memorable series that I've ever played in and a lot people have watched. So it's always good to come here and get a win."

It wasn't looking like the Pistons would win as handily as they did at the midway point of the game, but a 31-14 run to clos out the game sealed the deal for Detroit. Gordon had 14 points in the second half, 12 of which came in the fourth quarter.

"You know the crowd is always bickering, that fans are always saying whatever they have to say so it's extra special on the road, but we'll take those wins anywhere," Gordon said. "On the road there's a lot more satisfaction."

Obviously, the Celtics didn't remember how dangerous Gordon can be. Well, they do now.

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