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Bob Ryan To Retire As Boston Globe Full-Time Writer After London Olympics

Bob Ryan, longtime columnist for the Boston Globe, made an eventful appearance on Bill Simmons' podcast, The B.S. Report, earlier today (via ESPN). The two talked about Jeremy Lin, Celtics trade options and how the NBA has changed from a sportswriters perspective.

Simmons' last question was about how much longer Ryan planned on writing. Ryan responded:

"The secret's out. I'm planning on going to the London Olympics and then saying goodbye."

Ryan also said that he will do some part-time work but his time as a full-time journalist is almost over.

I'll sum it up very simply. And there's a lot of reasons obviously and no one ever has one reason. I really and truly believe that my time has come and gone, that the dynamics of the business of what it takes to, what it means to be involved in the sports business with all the tweeting and the blogging and all the stuff and an audience with a different taste. I'm not comfortable, it's not me anymore. I'm not comfortable, I'll say I've had a great run and I think it's time for someone else to have their run.

Ryan has written for the Globe since 1969 where he started as a Boston Celtics beat writer. He became a general columnist in 1989. Ryan was inducted into the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association's Hall of Fame in 2011.