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Celtics Vs. Bulls: Garnett Calls Sunday's Win 'Huge'

Coming off consecutive losses to the Los Angeles Lakers and the cellar-dwelling Toronto Raptors, the Boston Celtics needed a shot of confidence. Even if the Chicago Bulls were without Derrick Rose, it is safe to say they got the kickstart they needed. Rajon Rondo recorded a triple-double in the 95-91 win to quiet the critics. Perhaps more importantly, the C's got their edge back according to Kevin Garnett.

"We needed a win," Garnett said. "Today was a huge game for us. Dealing with everything that happened in Toronto, yeah today was a needed win. Nothing else said. It was. And I thought we played like it.

"I thought we played with an edge," he continued. "We played like the old Celtics that I know we are. Doc [Rivers] came in and gave us a good talking to, something we needed to hear."

Garnett led all players on the floor, going plus-16 for the game. He had 13 points, 12 rebounds and four blocks in 29 minutes of play. The Celtics will host the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday before going to Chicago on Thursday.

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