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Celtics vs. Raptors: Toronto Leads Boston, 41-34, At Halftime

After two quarters of play, the Boston Celtics trail the Toronto Raptors by a score of 41-34 on the road in Air Canada Centre. After the Celtics won five games in a row, they're now trying to avoid losing their second straight game after losing to the Lakers by one point in overtime on Thursday. They came into the game with a 14-11 game which puts them in seventh place in the Eastern Conference and in second place in the Atlantic Division. Meanwhile, the Raptors are looking to avoid losing their fourth game in a row. They have a record of 8-19 and are in 12th place in the conference and last place in the Atlantic.

The Celtics were led by forward Paul Pierce, who scored eight points in the first half. Brandon Bass scored six points and Kevin Garnett scored four points while Mickael Pietrus came off the bench to score five. The Raptors were led by DeMar DeRozan, who scored 13 points in the first half, and Jose Calderon, who scored 10. James Johnson scored eight points while Leandro Barbosa came off the bench to add seven points.

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