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Kobe Bryant Recruits Patriots' Rob Gronkowski For Philadelphia Eagles

These days, who doesn't want a piece of Rob Gronkowski? The second-year tight end had a breakout year under Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots and quickly emerged as one of the best, if not the top, tight ends in the game.

Kobe Bryant made it clear that he wants Gronk too, telling the Patriots tight end -- who was in attendance as Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers took on the Boston Celtics at TD Garden on Thursday night -- that he should join his favorite football team.

"I said the Eagles need a tight end, that's what I told him. I'm recruiting," Bryant said following Thursdays' 88-87 overtime victory. "He's a phenomenally talented player, just a freak athlete."

When Kobe -- a top five player in the history of the NBA and one of the most iconic athletes of his time -- is saying things like that about you, well, you must be doing something right. No doubt, Gronk certainly is.

It's definitely good to see someone like Bryant recognizing Gronk, as he was going back and forth with the record-breaking tight end all throughout Thursday's game.

"He shot it at me, I shot it back," Bryant said. "It's fun to have those conversations with athletes that you respect."

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