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Celtics Still In Play For Dwight Howard?

With the Orlando Magic currently in a rough stretch, people have begun to wonder if the losses continue to pile up, what the fate of impending free agent Dwight Howard will be. Will they look to keep him through the season and risk him signing with another team, or will they look to trade him during this season and try and get something for him.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the All-Star center has indicated that that he prefers to be traded this season either to the New Jersey Nets, Los Angeles Lakers or the Dallas Mavericks. If Howard is traded, this would be bad news for a team not listed on his list of preferred destinations, the Boston Celtics.

Because of the lack of resources the Celtics have, Boston would most likely be able to offer a package centered around Rajon Rondo. Because the Magic will most likely want a big man in the return, the Celtics would have to hope they are enamored with the potential of JaJuan Johnson, which seems very unlikely.

It has been known that the Nets are offering a package revolving around center Brook Lopez while the Lakers have at least had talks with Orlando about acquiring Howard for either Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum, or both. With those proposals both very strong, the Celtics need to pray that the Magic hold on to Howard past the trade deadline, so they'll have an equal shot as anyone during free agency.

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