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Avery Bradley Is Finally Realizing His Role With Boston Celtics

BOSTON - It's take some time, but Avery Bradley has finally nailed his role down with the Boston Celtics. After a rookie season in which the guard from Texas played in 31 games and had a minimal impact, Bradley is finally embracing the minutes he is receiving and playing the game the way his team needs him too.

"As a young guy you don't really know what your and especially it's the beginning of the year," Bradley said following Wednesday's 89-70 win over the New Jersey Nets. "But now I understand what my role is and I'm going to continue to come in and do what ever I need to do for my teams so we can win."

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That role is to be a defensive specialist, which is what Bradley has always done best.

"I've been a good defender my whole life and one thing I always say is that I can have an off offensive game but I can never have an off defensive game. I feel my defense creates my offense and also builds my offense so I'm always going to come out hard and play."

Bradley, who is averaging 0.3 points and 0.2 assists in seven games this season, scored a season-high 11 points and had two assists and two steals for the Celtics in their mid-week victory.

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