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Celtics Vs. Pacers Score Update: Paul Pierce Comes Alive, C's Lead 71-61 In Third

Well, ladies and gents, your captain is here! In a matter of one half of play, Celtics forward Paul Pierce has suddenly found his rhythm here in the third quarter as he now leads all scorers with 24 points as the C's maintain a 71-61 lead through three. Pierce also leads the team in assists with eight and has five rebounds to go along with it. That is The Truth.

Chris Wilcox of all people continues what seems to be one of the best performances he's had in the last few years, as he now has 14 points to go along with six rebounds. Wilcox has seen an addition in minutes because of Jermaine O'Neal's absence tonight due to injury. The man Wilcox has been spelling, Brandon Bass, has also turned a solid performance thus far. He's got 10 points and four rebounds at the five position tonight.

Meanwhile, Kevin Garnett's night seems to be getting worse. Through three quarters, KG has only managed five total points, but a manageable seven rebounds. Mickael Pietrus is still stuck on eight points as he is filling in for Ray Allen this evening. Avery Bradley, meanwhile has an unexciting four points and three assists.

On the Pacers side of things, Danny Granger leads Indiana with 15 points from the field. Despite hearing boos from the TD Garden crowd throughout this one, David West has found his game and now has 12 points and six rebounds. Darren Collison checks in with eight points at the point position.

Roy Hibbert, who always seems to torch the Celtics, is being held in check by the Celtics defense. Through three quarters, Hibbert's only got five points and six rebounds.

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