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Celtics Vs. Magic: Kevin Garnett Calls Win In Orlando A 'Bar Fight'

You ever been in a bar fight? Kevin Garnett has, on Thursday night to be exact. Garnett and his Boston Celtics overcame a tremendous amount of adversity -- trailing by 27 points in the first half while missing three starters -- to defeat the crumbling Orlando Magic, 91-83, on Thursday night.

Garnett spoke with TNT's Craig Sager (the guy with the weird suits), where he displayed an encouraging amount of emotion following the well-deserved victory. (Warning, as Garnett uses language inappropriate for children).

Garnett was asked by Sager if he believed Celtics head coach Doc Rivers when he told the team that they can come back, to which he said absolutely. During his time in Boston, Garnett said he has never been told anything by Doc that wasn't true. An encouraging sight for Celtics fans, as their emotional leader is back.

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