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Paul Pierce Trade Rumors: Forward Addresses Rumors, Wants To Retire With Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce addressed the trade rumors that have begun to swirl in his path after Friday night's loss to the Phoenix Suns, saying he is not affected by reports that Danny Ainge would consider trading Pierce or any of the Big Three.

"No, you can't pay attention to that. It's part of the business. You just have to continue to do your job, as a professional, each and every night. And that's about it."

"What makes me want to play well is our record. That's more than anything. I don't really read the papers, I don't really monitor everything that's been said. I'm just more concerned about this group, what goes on in this locker room and with my teammates." (via ESPN Boston)

Pierce said he is "more than happy" with the Celtics organization and appreciates everything the Celtics have done for him during his career. Asked whether he still wants to retire as a Celtic, Pierce replied, "Of course, I feel that way. Yeah."

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