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Danny Ainge Reportedly Waiting Before Possible Big Three Trade

Ken Berger reports that Danny Ainge will wait at least 10 games before deciding whether to blow up the Big Three.

Boston Celtics general manager is willing to give the current team 10 more games, maybe a few more, before deciding whether to blow up the roster, according to a report from CBS Sports' Ken Berger.

The Celtics have struggled out of the gates and Ainge is faced with whether to actively seek trades to blow up the Big Three and begin a rebuilding process. It would be difficult for Ainge to fetch the proper value for Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and/or Paul Pierce -- the GM would likely be looking for young talent and draft picks to enhance Boston's rebuilding project -- but the Celtics general manager has always been adamant that he would trade his superstars if he felt it would improve the team.

Ainge could also choose to allow the season to run its course, after which Garnett and Allen's contracts expire, giving Boston the cap space and flexibility to begin a rebuilding (or reloading) process.

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