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Celtics Vs. Raptors: Sasha Pavlovic, C's Maintaining Positive Attitude

BOSTON - Losing streaks have a way of dampening the mood of lots of people. Whenever a team hits a skid, fans get depressed, as can coaches and the players themselves. But that simply isn't the case in the Boston Celtics locker room.

At least, it isn't that way for Sasha Pavlovic, who insists that the team is still confident.

"It's hard, but we've got a great group of guys," said Pavlovic. "We're staying positive and we've seen some improvement since the first loss we got. You just keep getting better, and tonight we have to show that and keep doing what we do best -- playing together, sharing the ball, attack the rim -- and we're going to be fine."

Pavlovic hasn't seen much action at all during the Celtics' five-game losing streak, playing a total of one minute in the first loss to the Indiana Pacers on January 6. For the season, Pavlovic is averaging 2.8 points in 70 total minutes. Even with his minimal playing time, Pavlovic continues to keep his head up and says he's ready for whatever comes next.

"It's hard a little bit, but I try not to think about that because I've been in this league long enough to realize that those [things], if I think too much, it's going to effect me," he said. "I'm staying ready. I'm working hard, and whenever coach calls my name, I'm going to be ready."

Unlike the majority of basketball fans, players are normally detached from the often harsh and misleading media, which makes sense why Pavlovic said he hadn't heard anything regarding the potential trade availability of captain Paul Pierce.

"No, I didn't hear about anything," Pavlovic said. "It's always like that during the season, especially as the trade deadline comes closer, there's going to be a lot of talk. I'm not thinking about it."

One of the men that has jumper in front of Pavlovic in the Celtics' rotation is Mickael Pietrus, who provided the team with a big spark in the last game, scoring a season-high 14 points off the bench.

"He's a great shooter, can defend, great guy in the locker room. Everybody likes him," Pavlovic said about Pietrus. "We need him."

Fans and media members may be concerned about what lies ahead for the Celtics this season, but Pavlovic isn't. He maintains that good things are in store and the team is ready to turn the page, starting tonight.

"Of course, yes," said Pavolvic. "We all believe in that. Things are going to be fine."

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