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Celtics Vs. Pacers Halftime Score: Indiana Holds 56-48 Lead

The undercard involving a Boston team on this Sunday night is happening in Indiana, and the Boston Celtics aren't doing so well away from the bright lights that are attending to the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. Boston trails the Pacers, 56-48, at halftime.

Indiana got 13 points from Paul George and 12 points from Danny Granger in the first half, and the Pacers' defense has limited the Celtics to under 40 percent shooting from the field.

Kevin Garnett, who has taken 13 shots, has 13 points to lead the Celtics. Paul Pierce has added 11 points.

Beyond the scoreboard, other parts of the box score are more or less even. Both teams had 23 rebounds and seven turnovers at the half, and while the Celtics had shot 16 free throws, the Pacers were only one shot better, at 17 attempts from the charity stripe.

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